Our story starts in 1950, in the countryside of Mirabella Imbaccari, a small town of the Sicilian hinterland.

Here, our grandparents started to cultivate the best products of our land – artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes – with care and love.

Today, with the same love and guided by the farming knowledge of the generations before us, we continue to cultivate the vegetables that grow in our land, and then protect their genuine flavour in tasty canned goods.

Our Philosophy

For over half a century, the Barbuscia family has been cultivating and protecting the values of farming traditions, the knowledge of artisan processing, the bond to its roots. Our methods are passed down from generation to generation, rejuvenated by new ideas, yet faithful to old teachings.

Our philosophy is far from industrial logics. We do not listen to the market, but rather to our heart.

And this is how we came to make a specific choice: being in line with nature’s rhythm and processing only seasonal vegetables cultivated by us. This is why our faces bear the signs of farmers, and our products the marks of sun.

A culture of quality, our love for Sicily and its premium products, our respect for nature and people, spontaneously lead us toward a top-rate, selected production, in line with the seasonal organic cycle.

A short supply chain is the only way to go, for us. We only process the vegetables we cultivate. And this is how the best raw materials of our land become Barbuscia canned goods – top-rate products that enclose all the flavours of ancient farming tradition.

The core of our preserves

Bell peppers
Wild fennel
Dried fruits