Technical Sheet

Only eggplants in season for our eggplants in preserves, prepared with the same recipe as our grandmothers.

A traditional processing that allows us to preserve the firmness and flavor of the eggplants.

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Ingredients: eggplant 64%, olive oil 34%, basil, mint, garlic, black pepper, salt, vinegar.
Correttore di acidità : acido citrico.
Antiossidante: acido ascorbico
Heat treatment: pasteurization.

Packaging: glass jar.
Transport temperature: ambient.
Storage temperature: ambient.
Shelf life: 24 months from the date of production.

In an closed vessel
Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
and store in a cool, dry place.
In an open vessel
After opening the jar store the product in the fridge
and consume within a few days.
Always ensure that olive oil covers the product.

VALORI NUTRIZIONALI medi per 100 g di prodotto
Valore energetico:173 kJ – 41 kcal
Grassi:0,5 g
Saturated fatty acids: 0,1 g
Carboidrati: 5,8 g
di cui zuccheri 2,1 g
Proteine: 1,1 g
Sale: 2,2 g


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